A positive approach to bully prevention.

About the campaign

Each year Think Kindness sends out our team of speakers across the country to carry out one massive National 15 Days of Kindness School Tour. Over 100 schools across the United States take on the challenge each year, school versus school ‘Who can make the biggest difference in the world. . . in just 15 Days’.

We are excited to announce that our team will be partnering with Kaiser Permanente to inspire middle schools throughout the Vallejo area.

If you are interested in having your school take part in the 15 Days of Kindness campaign, please complete the form below.

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Assembly Tour Dates

MAY 13TH & 14TH

If you are unable to book during the above dates, please let us know and our team may be able to accommodate your schedule.

Each assembly is 50 minutes. This does not account for time it takes for seating and dismissing the students. If time is of a concern, the assembly can be shorten to 40 minutes.
Yes, we can break the assembly into 2-3 presentations as long as they are back-to-back.
The presentation will require a projector, screen, microphone and the ability to play audio from the computer. Each presenter will bring their own computer.
Yes, we have a full resource of materials for your presentation including video’s for your student leadership to view prior to each school challenge, teacher materials & resources, parent letters, posters and much more.